You spoke, they listened

We were visited on Thursday morning by MPP Rick Nicholls, MPP David Piccini, former MPP Cheri DiNovo, along with Danielle Eden, founder of DogTails Rescue and Animal Sanctuary. Together with our CEO, Jacques Messier, they announced that a Private Members Bill was officially tabled to repeal Breed Specific Legislation.

Later that day, we learned that the motion was passed in its second reading and has moved on to the next stage of its journey: Standing Committee on General Government. We are now even closer to ending the ban of pit bulls in Ontario. This is a huge win for animal advocates who, since 2005, have been voicing their opposition to this haphazard and harmful ban.

Why is it a huge win?  

Because of how problematic breed specific legislation is. Not only does it not reduce the incidence or severity of dog bites, it penalizes responsible pet owners while hurting innocent animals because of the way they look. It separates dogs from their human caregivers, perpetuates stereotypes that only fuel more discriminatory legislation and abuse. Animals that have done nothing but love their human caregivers are either shipped off thousands of miles to where their breed is legally acceptable or are euthanized on the spot.

This recent announcement means a lot to us. Over the past few months, we have made ourselves one of the loudest voices in the BSL conversation. We spread and shared the official BSL petition through different mediums including email and social media, calling on people to submit handwritten signatures. We spoke with the media—including CBC and Toronto Star—on the problematic nature of the pit bull ban and what Ontarians can do to get involved.

But this isn’t about us. It’s about the animals who have been mistreated in Ontario for almost 15 years because of the way they look. It’s about keeping families together. It’s about improving the lives of animals.

Thank you to MPP Rick Nicholls, MPP David Piccini, former MPP Cheri DiNovo, and Danielle Eden for everything they’ve done. Thank you also to everyone who liked, commented, shared and signed. To all who stood up and made their voices heard. It’s thanks to you that these animals – who’ve been mistreated for almost 15 years because of the way they look – may now have a chance to live normal, happy lives in our province.